Red World – The Genesis

Explores the inception of civilization on the red planet Mars

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Red World – The Genesis

Red World – The Genesis explores the inception of civilization on the red planet Mars.
An intriguing tale that brilliantly navigates the layered realms of human emotions against the backdrop of the first Martian society.
Narrated by relatable characters and driven by fantastic innovations in a futuristic society,this gripping story explores the motivation for a new home planet, and what happens when all does not go as planned.
Science has catalyzed the evolution of human society, but it has also promoted inequality and exploitation through systemic biases and discrimination across countries and cultures…
Will this new Red World be able to beat Martian hostilities to achieve a functional society?
Or will the settlers succumb to the same social pitfalls that have plagued human lives for centuries?
Hop onto this fast-paced journey into a futuristic world to find out…

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Red World

Upasana Majumdar

was born and raised in New Delhi. Her school years at The Mother's International School helped her to nurture her passion for creative writing and poetry.

To fuel this passion further, she started her blog '' during her first year as an Economics major at Miranda House.

She juggles various roles including a daughter, a friend, a former economist for Government of India financial institution, a current strategy specialist with a leading MNC, a colleague, a nature lover, a music enthusiast and now a storyteller.

A happy soul with an insatiable wanderlust, she is curious about everything that Google can’t explain.
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